Tas Travel Tracy PT

Rp. 599.000

Hanya Tersisa 1 lagi

This creative cute TRACY bag is one of our costumer favourite product and is a perfect bag for travel, swimming, sport or gym.

It features a High Quality Clear PVC material that make this tracy bag so easy to clean and strong for more than 5 years.
With the wide space and compartements put all the stuff together and extra 2 bonus case for wet cloth, soap and shampoo.

Personalized your name and favourite character on it and have fun decorate it !

Design your own stylish cute backpack.

Choose your favourite color, your cute character, your font style, create your beautiful name and text

and HAVE FUN...

Material : High Quality Clear PVC

Size        : 40x28x32.5cm

Weight   : 1200 gr

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